Check the Art Closet and the La Grange Park or La Grange Library for books that relate to your topic. If requesting books, it takes about one week for books to be delivered to your local library.


The easiest way to show a short video about an artist is to find what you want on YouTube (always preview before showing in class) and request permission to use the teacher’s computer and overhead projector. 


Posters are kept in the art closet and should not be removed from school. Click for a complete list of Art Enrichment Posters. 


The best thing to do is an internet search for the artist you are presenting; for example, “Monet kids art lessons”.  You will find good resources easily.  

Kennedy Center's Art Edge  Lesson Plans for Educators created by the Kennedy Center

J. Paul Getty Museum  Lesson Plans for Educators


National Art Educators Association


Crayola's Web Site

National Gallery of Art  

Kids Connect Art Resources on the Web

Eyes on Art

Mark Harden's Arthive

Art Junction

The guide to great art Artcyclopedia

Arts Net Minnesota

World Wide Art Resources

Art posters and prints collection

Museums and Galleries in Chicago

Encourage the students to go and see the real thing!

The Art Institute of Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art

Terra Museum of American Art

The Nettie J. McKinnon Collection of American Art