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Yearbook orders will be open February 21-April 5, 2020 (Dates subject to change).

submitting yearbook photos

The Yearbook Committee is always looking for pictures! Send those art projects, back to school parties, and Halloween pics our way! Submit your photos here: ReplayIt or use the ReplayIt app. When prompted, enter the following password: Ogden19.

We currently need: Candids of each grade / First Day of School / Halloween & Winter Parties / Field Trips / Recess & Lunch / Book Clubs / Spirit Week / Science Center / Band & Orchestra / Drama Club / CPCFRO /Buddy Programs

Important Notes:

  • All pictures should only contain current Ogden students (e.g. no parents, younger or older siblings not attending Ogden)

  • All pictures should be taken while at school or a school sponsored event

  • We are seeking pictures of small groups (2-6 kids per picture is ideal).

  • Please submit pictures no later than February 21, 2020!

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to use Replay It.  CLICK HERE for the mobile App. 
If you have any questions or are interested in capturing memories for the school year please contact Rachel Arndt.

PLEASE NOTE (as of October 1, 2019): In order to access the newly launched Replay It app, please update the app in the App Store and reopen.  If you have any questions or difficulties when downloading or updating the app, please contact Josten's technical support at (800) 328-2435.

6th grade cover art contest 

We are looking for a 6th grade student's artwork that can be showcased on the cover of the 2019-2020 Ogden Avenue School yearbook.

The theme is "True Colors" and MUST include the tagline "Work Hard. Be Kind."

Final artwork will be judged on creativity, design and theme.

Art Work Submission Requirements:

  • Yearbook Theme: "True Colors" design with the tagline "Work Hard. Be Kind." included in the art work.

  • Markers are preferred, but can accept crayons, colored pencils, or paint

  • No stickers or chalk

  • Designs that portray positive, happy, or school related themes are requested.

Contest Deadline is Friday, November 8th 2019.

Please submit your artwork to your homeroom teacher in an envelope marked: 6th Grade Yearbook Committee - Cover Contest.

NOTE: the winner is kept a surprise until the yearbooks are distributed in the Spring!

 6th Grade baby pictures - Guess who?

We need photos of your 6th grader for the "Guess Who?" section of the yearbook!

Please share one picture (preferably a color picture) of your child as a baby, as a young child, or as an Ogden student engaged in a favorite activity to be used in the "Guess Who?" section of the yearbook.

Please submit using the following instructions no later than Friday, November 15th 2019:

* CLICK HERE to create a ReplayIt account. Skip this step if you already have an account.

* Sign in to your ReplayIt account - either online from your computer or on your mobile device:

* To submit picture of your 6th grader:

  • Submit online: click on Submit Pics at the top, then click on Select My Images, and select your child's picture from your computer. Once photo is selected, click on Start Uploads.

  • Submit using the App: click on Take Photo icon at the bottom, and select your child's picture from your device.

* Required: Tag your Picture (we need to know information on your 6th grader)

  • Go to Category "Student Life"

  • If you submitted online (using website): select "Guess Who" from Popular Tags and click on right arrow button to move to list under Your Tags

  • If you submitted using the App: select "Guess Who"

  • People: Add your 6th graders first and last name and enter 6th grade

* Click Finished Tagging at the bottom right (or Upload at the top right if using the App) to complete the upload.

6th Grade All About Me / My Favorites Section of Yearbook

Your 6th grader will be a provided a copy of the All About Me / My Favorites Form to complete which will be used in the yearbook.

Students will have time during the school day to complete the form, but often students prefer to at home and/or share with their families before turning in the form. CLICK HERE for a copy of the form for you to review with your 6th grader.

If your 6th grader would like to complete their responses at home, please have them handwrite the responses and turn in the form to their Homeroom Teacher by November 15, 2019.

Questions? Contact the Ogden Avenue School Yearbook Committee