Art Enrichment

You don’t need to have a degree in art history, or even be artsy for this one…you just need to enjoy introducing new things to the children in a fun, creative manner. The Art Enrichment program coordinates parent volunteers to go into the classrooms and “teach” the children about a particular artist or type of art. A basic curriculum with lesson plans (to be reviewed and updated if necessary by the committee chairs) is in place to give guidance by grade level and offer introductory information about artists, etc. Supplies are available at school and are maintained by the committee chairpersons. A kick-off meeting is held at the beginning of the year and a “Showcase” night is coordinated with the Ice Cream social in the spring.

Two or three parent volunteers are needed in every classroom. Ideally, they will visit the classroom once per month to lead an art appreciation discussion and an age appropriate art project. A grid with monthly topics for each grade is given out at the beginning of the year and posters of the art works are provided. The curriculum for each grade level and month is available on the Art Enrichment website. Folders with information on the artists and project ideas are available, as well as materials for planning the activities.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Budget $1950.00

  • Kick-off supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Art History posters /  books / lesson plans
  • Exhibition materials
  • Volunteer educational opportunities


  • Minimum of 2 volunteers per classroom
  • 4 - 6 committee members


  • Conduct "Kick-Off" meeting
  • Stock and maintain art closet with needed supplies and materials (both art supplies and literature)
  • Review and amend art lesson plan and curriculum
  • Ongoing management and guidance of volunteers
  • Organize and execute Art Enrichment spring art exhibition (in conjunction with Ice Cream Social and Book Fair)



  • Review curriculum
  • Update website
  • September
  • Organize volunteers
  • Make packets for volunteers
  • Order supplies
  • Hold "Kick-off" meeting

October - December

  • Maintain art closet
  • Ongoing guidance of volunteers
  • January - March
  • Same as October - December
  • Prepare, plan and organize art exhibition


  • Same as January - March
  • Hold art exhibition
  • May
  • Calculate budget for next year
  • Make recommendations for next year
  • Final lessons
  • Clean art closet