Ogden PTC

Instructions For Dealing With PTC Funds


Deposit Request Procedures

All cash and check collections should be counted and provided to the PTC Treasurer with a completed Deposit Request Form which can be found in the PTC mailbox (the slot below the treasurer’s mailbox) in the back room of Ogden’s main office or on Ogden’s website by clicking the link above.

In order to eliminate / reduce the risk of loss or theft, all cash / checks should be provided to the Treasurer within 24 hours after collection so that it can be deposited into the Bank. Please do not hold onto cash / checks any longer than necessary, as insurance does not cover the loss of cash / checks maintained in volunteers' homes.

Drop off the Deposit Request Form and money at the Treasurer’s house or in the Treasurer’s mailbox at school. If you have a large amount of money to be deposited, please arrange a time with the Treasurer to drop the money off at her house. Be sure to have the money counted and totaled on the Deposit Request Form.

Cash Box Request Procedures

Complete a Cash Box Request Form which can be found in the PTC mailbox (the slot below the treasurer’s mailbox) in the back room of Ogden’s main office or on Ogden’s website by clicking the link above. Please list out the desired denominations needed and if any calculators will be needed. The Treasurer can assist you in determining what was requested in prior years.

Drop off the Cash Box Request Form at the PTC Treasurer's house. Please give her at least a one week notice before an event that cash boxes will be required.

Cash boxes and calculators are kept at the PTC Treasurer’s house. Please arrange a mutually convenient time to pick up your cash boxes and calculators from her house before your event. She will provide the actual cash on the day of the event.

Please arrange a time with the PTC Treasurer to return the cash boxes, counted money, and any calculators borrowed. Do not leave money in her mailbox. Please make sure that you have completed the Cash Box Request Form ending cash box balances. The Treasurer will recount the money and verify your balances. If there are any discrepancies, she will notify you.

Check Reimbursement Procedures

Complete a Check Request Form on Ogden’s website by clicking the link. Supporting receipts are to be submitted to the PTC Treasurer separately. Expenses should be submitted promptly, preferably within the same month of the event.

The Treasurer will deliver the check to your house unless you specify differently.

If you do not wish to front the money, you can get a check written out to the vendor from the Treasurer in advance of a purchase. She will need advance notice of at least one week. She will still need to have the Check Request Form completed, with receipts for her records.

If you plan on purchasing from Sam’s Club, please arrange with the Treasurer to get the Sam’s Club card and a check in advance for your purchase. Ogden PTC has a tax exempt account set up with Sam’s Club.

Tax Exemption Forms can be found in the PTC mailbox (the same slot below the treasurer’s mailbox). These forms are needed to exclude sales tax from Ogden PTC purchases. Currently, you should use the District 102 Tax Exempt form (which is also in the Forms mailbox) until the Ogden PTC Tax Exempt form is renewed.

Cash Procedures

To avoid putting anyone in the awkward position of having large amount of cash at home please handle cash as follows:

Please obtain the Night Depository key, lock bag with key, and deposit slips from the PTC Treasurer before your event.

Two people should count any cash collected at an event before leaving the event: a deposit request form and deposit slip should be prepared and initialed by both counters.

Deposits should be placed in the Night Depository at the First National Bank of LaGrange at 620 West Burlington in LaGrange. Please include the deposit worksheet as well as the bank’s deposit slip in the Night Depository lock bag. The Night Depository is located next to the Cash Station on the North West corner of the bank. Unlock the depository, place the locked bag in the slot and lock the depository.

The night deposit key should be returned to the Treasurer at the earliest convenience.