Finalize all commitments for incoming committee chairs for upcoming year
Finalize calendar dates with teaching staff and incoming committee members*
Set date to meet with Principal Waldo in early summer to get dates set for major events
Give neccessary dates to

  • Hospitality for 1st Day Coffee
  • Social Programs for "Welcome Back Party"
  • Sponsor Families for Picnic


  • Calendar meeting 
  • Secure Contract for Yearbook and School Photos
  • Copy PTC paperwork for Registration
  • Get date and organize Registration stuffing




  • Finalize volunteers/process for registration
  • Check with all committees hosting upcoming events (Social, Health & Safety, Sponsor Family Picnic) & offer assistance if needed.
  • Attend Sponsor Family Picnic (Exec Board should be in attendance)
  • 1st day Coffee (Arranged by Hospitality cmte).  Be sure to have something set up for afternoon kdg as well.  
  • Apply for School Building Use for all PTC/Exec board meetings
  • Work with VP Communications to prepare first weekly email


Prepare for 1st PTC meeting (invitations should go out in 1st weekly emails and on Website)

  • Hold exec board meeting before to ensure everything is being covered and we are prepared for larger discussion
  • Hand out list of dates for Exec board of Roundtable mtgs/PTC & all exec board dates
  • Prepare agenda & post 24 hrs prior  
  • Work with Treasurer to prepare proposed budget (Be sure year end budget is adjusted to reflect all outstanding bills and bank statement is balanced)

Attend Round table meeting (bring copies of Calendar for all schools & Bd members along with proposed budget)

  • Approved budget for round table should be prepared on a specific form which can be attained through Carol Norvilas (482-2400 ext 2024) in the Dist office if you did not receive it during the Sept meeting (in 2013 this happened at October roundtable)
  • VP of Fundraising should submit list of vendors
  • Get date for Ogden to host Round table & arrange to have someone provide refreshments (Hospitality Committee)

Compile list of Newsletter dates/deadlines from Office
Prepare & distribute letter to staff offering Email services for periodic volunteer help when needed and offer to add weekly email updates.


  • Prepare weekly newsletters. 
  • Support Book Fair endeavors/recruit volunteers via weekly posts
  • Work with Principal to gather gift ideas for each grade level for December.
  • Help Red Sled chairs with any ongoing needs.
  • Purchase/wrap gifts for each classroom
  • Write out notes for each teacher & Target Gift Card
  • Donate Books in Principle honor to LRC + Target gift card


  • Weekly newsletter
  • Finalize & Support all Red Sled Duties
  • Contact Santa – John Lorenzen (51 Malden, 708-354-3034,  Confirm date and times with Principal.  Santa visits take all day.  Get John the Santa Suit.   Gave him a $30 Gift card for his time.


  • Support Variety Show commitee as necessary
  • Schedule Santa visit (Principal made up detailed schedule in 2012)
  • Purchase flowers for Ms LeGare at the Winter Concert
  • (Corsage or small plant presented at the end of the day concert, bouquet at the end of the evening)
  • Choose one of the children to present it to her at the end of each concert.


  • Begin sending out information to plan for next year’s committees/recruit new volunteers
  • Begin committee selection for next year's Board members
  • Select nominating committee for Exec Board positions that need to be filled
  • Appoint a By-Law Review committee (done every other even year in January)
  • Get dates for Golf Outing set with volunteers if it's going to happen


  • Continue filling committees for upcoming year
  • School supplies volunteer should begin preparing forms for teachers supply list
  • Update Ogden Scholarship forms (contact at LT is Lianne Musser 708.579-6357)
  • Contact Hospitality Committee regarding set up for March Roundtable meeting (encourage all Ogden Exec Board to attend)


  • Recruit helpers & attend Kdg Registration day (Contact Hospitality Committee to set up refreshments)
  • Continue working on Committee Chairs
  • Follow up w/ any unfinished Yearbook questions if needed
  • Begin pulling together calendar dates for all committees
  • Purchase flowers for Ms Johnson at the Spring Concert
  • Corsage presented at the end of the day concert, bouquet at the end of the evening
  • Choose one of the children to present it to her at the end of each concert.
  • Confirm Rain Date for Field Days


  • Post slate of officers w/ at least 30 Days prior to May Meeting
  • Gifts for outgoing 6th grade families prepared for end of school
  • Continue to finalize calendar dates for upcoming year
  • Make sure book Fair/Ice Cream Social/Art Enrichment Showcase are coming together for event
  • Encourage 6th grade fundraiser
  • Have Plaques engraved for:
    • Scholarship – in hallway near corner
    • Presidents - ????
    • 6th Grade Legacy Project


  • Gather/update all paperwork to be included in summer registration mailings
  • Finalize Calendar dates
  • Collect committee folders/info to pass along to incoming chair persons
  • Installation of new officers
  • Thank you party???
  • Gift for 6th grade families
  • Work on PTC forms for upcoming year


  • Weekly Newsletters
  • One week before PTC meeting, create Agenda, gather topics and post 1 day prior to meeting
  • Attend Roundtable meetings (6x per year)
  • Email Thank you’s to committee chairs
  • Thank Volunteers for PTC events in weekly communication
  • Followup with all upcoming PTC chair events to be sure they have what they need.