Variety Show Information



  1. A variety of acts are encouraged- singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, skits, magic, comedy, juggling, or any other unique talent!

  2. All performers must be current Ogden students in grades K-6.

  3. Acts are limited to two minutes in length.

  4. Students may only perform in one act. Emcees may not perform in any other acts. However, the opening group number is open to everyone.

  5. Props and costumes needed during an act must be provided by the act participants. Chairs, music stands, a piano, and microphones will be available at the school.

  6. Singers should use the karaoke version of a song.

  7. All lyrics must be school appropriate. No “radio edits” or “clean versions” allowed. Unacceptable song lyrics include words not allowed in Ogden classrooms, as well as references to drinking, drugs, sex, violence, or behavior unbecoming of an elementary-aged student.

  8. A song may only be used ONCE in the variety show on a first-come-first-served basis. Song choices will be displayed on the Act Registration SignUp Genius in the order they were registered.

  9. Acts may only use ONE SONG. Mixes or cuts/splices of multiple songs are not permitted.

  10. Acts should be prepared to perform a rough draft by the first after-school rehearsal date. Group rehearsals are held to give students a chance to perform in front of an audience, and to note stage needs for each act. Group rehearsals are mandatory, however acts will need to rehearse outside of group time to polish their performances.

  11. Each family of student(s) participating in the variety show must have an adult volunteer for a slot on the Volunteer SignUp Genius.


  1. The Registration deadline is Friday, December 13th.

  2. EVERY participant in the show must complete the online Permission Form.

  3. ONE adult must represent each act and fill out the Act Registration SignUp Genius.

  4. Music must be submitted electronically by Sunday, January 5th to Pam Podolner. Music should be cut to TWO MINUTES. We can help you edit your music if needed. Please be clear when submitting where you would like it cut, otherwise the song will be faded out at the two-minute mark.


Emcees are students who tell scripted jokes between acts.  Emcees should be comfortable speaking in front of an audience.  Students who would like to be a show emcee should fill out the online Permission Form and check the EMCEE box.  Emcees may not be involved in additional acts, however they may participate in the opening number.