Winter Precautions & Policies

School Closing Information

In the event Ogden School will be unable to open, this information is provided by the City News Bureau which broadcasts it on several major Chicago radio stations usually beginning at 6:00 a.m. The following stations usually provide the most current and frequent school closing reports:

A.M. WBBM -780
A.M. WGN - 720

For more information on the District's 102 thought process for deciding when to close school due to weather, visit the District 102 website.

Snowball Policy

For the protection of our students, throwing snowballs is prohibited on school grounds and on the way to and from school. Disciplinary action will be taken, with possible  suspension for repeated offenses, property damage and/or accident or injury caused by the activity.

Winter Weather Precaution

With the cold weather upon us, please have your children dress appropriately when they come to school so they are well prepared not only for outdoor activities, but are also dressed comfortably for their classroom educational program. Classrooms have individual thermostats with a range from 70 to 74 degrees. It is recommended, however, that students have a sweater or sweatshirt to layer on if necessary.

On days when the temperature and snow/slush conditions are too  inclement, classes will hold recess inside, as does the lunch program.  However, teachers and lunchroom staff may take their students out for a much needed "breath of fresh air" when weather permits - generally above 10 degrees. Coats and hats are expected for outdoor activity. Gym shoes and snow don't mix well.

An occasional request for a child who has been ill to remain indoors during lunch or recess is acceptable. However, any long term request of more than two days should be accompanied by a statement from the doctor. Please know we do our best to match outside activity and weather conditions during the winter months. However, those students who are allowed to come to school in cold weather and snowy conditions dressed in gym shoes, tee shirts, light jackets and no hats, gloves, etc. make it difficult to function appropriately during their educational day.